Grow Mushrooms at Home-Best substrate?

The best mushroom substrate is….Well that is good qoustion.In this post I will talk about wheat straw substrate because Im familiar with it.king oyster

Substrate getting ready

Wheat muss be healthy and yellow/gold color.It may not be rotten and dusty.Low quality wealth have lower pH from optimal and lower energetic value and this kind of substrate have more chance to be contaminated with diseases.Sucha things make cycle longer and we have lower yields.
Preparation of substrate have two functions:

Increasing water in base

Straw that we use have only 10% of water and for Oyster mushroom growing base have to be 70-73% wet.To much wet can cause suffocation and rotting mycelium.So wet substrate ,which is in sacks,should be dried and we do that by drilling holes in the bottom of the bags.If moist is lower than 70% the yield of mushrooms can drop for 30% and more!

Removal of competing organisms

The strongest enemy is green mold.In the case of its presence in the substrate yield decreases or yield can totally absent. The straw may contain insects or their eggs that later on in the level of cultivation can eat mycelium or fertile body. One contaminated bag is a source of pollution for all other bags in breeding.

We have to do something so Oyster mushrooms can grow.And we will !

There are five methods for surface preparation and I will enumerate and describe them … But next time :)
If you have some question that can not wait,don’t hesitate !

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