Grow Mushrooms at Home-Substrate Preparation (part 2)

Oyster mushrooms and sugar?

In the previous post I described two best methods for the preparation of the substrate in containers with a capacity up to 52 galons.For producers like me who do not think to enter the market it is quite enough.To supply me and my friends that is ideal amount and method of preparation of the substrate.

But from experience I can say that is not optimal method (according to the amount of preparation on that way) if we want to become actively involved in the market as a manufacturer.Because of its exceptional nutritional value and taste people love these mushrooms.In other words, the oyster go like sugar.Seriously!
And that has me recently encouraged to experimenting with ways of preparing the substrate on which I could speed up the preparation process and save energy.
So I found a way with a title Anaerobic method of pasteurization.
This is a method for which we need the following:
-Vessel capacity 528 gallons
-Heat energy


So vessel is pretty large and that means it can contain a lot of straw at once.According to the information that I found, at once we can handle 35 sacks, which is not so bad.I name it pasteurization machine he he.
The vessel should be made of sheet steel thickness 0,11-0,19 inches  reinforced with angle iron.
As I do not think any production in the winter, I do not need to isolate the tank for temperature loss.



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Headline talks about what it was.So it say about warming of water in which we put bags with a straw.Water should be heated to a temperature of 149 Farenheit and thus muss be maintainted 24 hours.
My current personal best energy source is wood (although I’m working on a free energy device for the production of electricity) ;).Second cheapest heat source is gas,and is actually quite handy.I have something like this on my mind.


It is used to enhance the effect of pasteurization.

What is Anaerobic pasteurization,definition

Anaerobic pasteurization method that combines water heating and the use of protective impecunious, and it is performed in a way that we put chopped straw in a mesh bag,and the sucks go in a container where its staying 24 hours completely covered by water.And actually that’s it.
After that, everything goes back to its normal course.Ie after removing wheat straw substrate and cooling, straw is mixed with mycelium and stored in bags.

Here is the example of Anaerobic pasteurization but that is the way how BIG business work :)

If you have any questions just ask or if you landed on this page click here to see more about Oyster mushrooms.

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